Coke Studio Special | Asma-ul-Husna | The 99 Names | Atif Aslam

A humble expression of hope & solidarity, as we stand with humanity in these times.
#HopeForHumanity #CokeStudioRamzan
Recited by Atif Aslam
Re-imagined and weaved by Xulfi
Video produced by The Vision Factory
Post by Softmatrix
Video shot by Sugar High Films
Agency: Soho Square Pakistan
Audio credits:
Produced by Xulfi
Arranged by Xulfi and Melvin Arthur
Mixed by Xulfi at Xth Harmonic, Pakistan.
Associate Music Producer: Sherry Khattak
Mastered by Tom Waltz at Waltz Mastering, USA

Project Consultant (Talafuz): Hafiz Idrees
Project Manager: Omair Farooq
Agency: Giraffe Pakistan

Vocal Acapella
(Recorded at home and project studios across Pakistan)

Abdullah Qureshi
Arsalan Hasan
Hamza Tanveer
Adnan Dhool
Sherry Khattak
Turaab Khan
Adil Baluch
Asim Baluch
Sibtain Khalid
Hafiz Idrees
A. Husayn
Mujeeb Rizvi
Bilawal Lahooti
Zia Ul Haq
Zubair Javed
Zahab Rizvi
Rana Saad
Hafiz Qasim
Abu Sufyan
Shafia Hassan
Samya Gohar
Rida Batool
Farwa Batool

Universe Sounds used from NASA Downloadable Archives and Ligolab Caltech - MIT.

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  • He missed out ' Al Ahad '

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  • O Allah melt the hearts of non-believers by the power of your names, you are the only and only one who can control the hearts of all. Oh Allah! You are only God and we are servant of yours and Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) last Prophet. These are words in front of thousands witnesses.

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  • Masha Allah

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  • it's so heart touching ! I can feel all of this name with my heart.

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  • Islam is the most beautiful religion. And when you offer the namaz I guess it's like you transfer all the conversation with Allah Swt 😇 I hope everyone understands all we want is peace and Humanity ❤️

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  • Masha Allah🇬🇧🇵🇰

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  • Beautiful narration of beautiful names of Allah, you missed the 66th name of Allah, Al Ahad ! Please add it ...

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  • You missed the 66th name of Allah, Al Ahad

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  • MashAllah

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  • Love it my GOD 99 NAMES

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  • My favourite artist singing the finest names of my creator.

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  • Creator AllAH J.J.S Ahle Bait A.S Messenger Mohammed S.A.W.W First Companion AlI A.S Guided One Fatima S.A Second Companion Hassan A.S Third Companion Hussein A.S Fourth Companion Sajjad A.S Fifth Companion Baqar A.S Sixth Companion Jaffar A.S Seventh Companion Kadhim A.S Eighth Companion Ridha A.S Ninth Companion Taqi A.S Tenth Companion Naqi A.S Eleventh Companion Askari A.S Twelfth Companion Qaim A.S

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